Part 1.1 - Components

The components involved in the publishing process are the content which is marked up using the simple but powerful AsciiDoc and the Gitbook toolchain of publishing libraries. To further simplify the collection and installation of the toolchain components I’ve encapsulated them all into a Docker image which is then fronted with a script to run the various commands to keep the tools that have to be locally installed to a minimum.

Locally Installed

  • Make - Wraps docker commands

  • Git - Source Control

  • Docker - Text processing toolchains installed on containers

Publishing toolchains

Gitbook is used to publish the labs and Hugo to publish the website. Both of these can be installed locally but for ease of integration with continuous integration services they’ve been installed into docker images

  • GitBook - Lab content published as HTML, PDF, MOBI and EPUB

  • Hugo - Website publishing


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